Weightlossteas.ca is a site dedicated to information on tea in regards to weight loss and overall health, put together from a group of American and Canadian tea enthusiasts who studied tea in China and Taiwan. After sipping hundreds of different teas from all over the regions and seeing the health benefits thereafter, the makers of the site decided what they learned and experienced was worth sharing, and hence Weight Loss Teas was created.

Weight loss is but one benefit that people can experience from tea. However, because weight loss has become such a pertinent issue in the West, we decided to focus on this element to help people reach their specific goals related to weight loss. Not only do the articles and reviews for the teas recommended on this site contain information how tea helps people lose weight, they also contain the latest information from Chinese doctors regarding tea and disease prevention, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

In terms of content produced on the site, we reference various Western medical reports in addition to Chinese medical articles and reports. We believe our advantage in tea reviews and article listings on our blog are due to our fluency in Chinese Mandarin and understanding of Chinese culture, history and tea culture, allowing us to translate and present information otherwise not known to Western readers.

We believe combining some Chinese medical theory in addition to Western medicine research is the best balance for presenting evidence related to weight loss and tea so that readers have a larger frame of reference before considering tea into their diets. Overall, our goal is to present tea in a simple, straightforward manner, and we trust that like us, you will benefit greatly from drinking tea-a drink seeped with energy, medicinal qualities and taste that will leave an impact for a lifetime.


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