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Chinese Women’s Secret to Beauty

Chinese women are known to have a slim figure, ageless skin and healthy hair. Their secret to beauty may relate to the skin care they apply, the confidence they build via reading books, and the beautiful and varied patterns on

Lunula Reveals Your Health Condition

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) thinks healthy people must have a lunula on the nail of the thumb, should have lunulae on the nails of the index finger and middle finger, and it is fine not to have a lunula on

Daily Diet for Skin Care: Chinese Health Tips

Lotus: Seeps the skin shining Lotus keeps the skin’s beautiful white luster. It is rich in vitamin C and minerals, has great efficacy, and is known for its hemostatic effects. Recently it was also proved to benefit the heart, promote

Chinese Women’s View on Yoga and Beauty

Combining the traditional Chinese medicine and Indian yoga makes you youthful, vivid, slim and beautiful, in the words of one Chinese yoga practitioner. It includes beauty caring, weight losing, aging prevention and health protection. Balance of Yin-Yang, the fundamental of

Looking Young with Facial Massages and Tea

Brigitte Lin, a 60-year-old Chinese lady still has white, bright and clean skin, without many wrinkles, and looks really energetic.   Massage facial skin and remove wrinkles   Despite of some effective anti-wrinkle skin care products, facial skin massage will

A Secret Recipe of Empress Dowager That Makes You Stay Young

If you have a bowl of soup made of green bean, Job’s tears and angelica root every morning in the summer and autumn, you will see an obvious improvement on your skin, and skin spots, pimples, or acne scars may

Food for Maintaining Youth – A Chinese Perspective

Aside from the benefits tea brings for detoxifying the body and helping it appear youthful and replenished, there are also a number of foods that people need to consider in their overall diets in addition to overall eating habits and

The Importance of Water for Health and Beauty

Many people think that it is complicated to maintain health for women over 30. They are not only spending a large amount of money on beauty care products, but also much energy to take care of the skin. Actually, the

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