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Don’t Eat These Foods After Drinking Tea

There is certain food taboo. If you eat random food while drink tea, it will have some phenomenon of food conflicts emerge, which will cause toxic substances and affect human health. The 6 foods below should not eat with tea.

Chinese Tea History Over Various Dynasties

China is the hometown of the tea. After long traveling in the history, now tea has spread all over the world and become one of the top 3 non-alcoholic beverages in the world. As the original place of tea, every

Five Tips of Drinking Tea in the Hot Summer

“Having air-condition, Wifi, and cold watermelon are the complete summer”, “My life is saved by air-condition”… This popular internet slogans are not only temporary but also harmful for the body. In the hot summer day, we should drink more tea

Different Teas for Different Ages – Your Age Should Reflect Your Tea

Tea is the “national beverage” of our country. Nowadays, the concept of tea drinking helps health is getting popular. The way of tea drinking is getting more scientifically. In fact, drinking tea not only need to base on the body

People with Coronary Heart Disease Need to be Selective with Tea

Tea has good health effect. Some people even have addiction on tea, if they don’t drink tea one day, they will feel not very comfortable. The tea contains tea polyphenols, which can prevent the atherosclerosis. However, there is certain thing

Can Tea Clean the Intestines and Work as Detoxification?

Eating fish and meat every day, you might feel the uncomfortableness of the stomach and intestine sometime. And you are gaining weight, what should you do? Many people would recommend drinking tea, saying that the tea can clean the intestine

The Side Effects of Strong Tea – Harmful Effects from Tea

The old saying that “there are 7 things when you open door, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea”; “Writers have 7 treasures, instrument, chess, calligraphy, paining, poem, wine and tea”; No matter “7 things” or “7 treasures”, you

Five Types of Tea Drinks That Will Reduce Blood Sugar

With the increasing number of diabetes, more and more people start to pay attention to the food that helps with diabetes. Among these, there is a saying that drinking tea will benefit the reduction of blood sugar. However, someone also

Things To Know About Chinese Tea – Evolution of Tea in China

China is the place where tea is originated. It is also the promoter and founder of the tea. The tea drinking habits of many countries are coming from China. They have formed their own tea culture based on the characteristics

New Technology for Brewing Tea Being Developed

Tea culture is the one of the representatives of the Asian culture. Using tea to treat friends is very common in mainland China. Another way to say it: serving guests with hot tea is the right way to take care

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