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The Source of Tea – Where Does Tea Come From?

Tea tree is an amazing plant growing in the South of China. Its height varies from less than one meter to dozens meter. In Chongqing and the west of Hubei, there was a giant tee tree whose trunk was so

Tea Houses and Tea Culture in Chonging, China

For a long time, Chongqing is known to have “many gates, temples and tea house”. Now, the modern life has been filled with our daily lives. Gaiwan tea has been gradually leaving us. When you live in a busy city,

Drinking tea is the best choice when you’re quitting smoking

People that smokes all understand, what it feels like when you smoke. Simply state that smoking is the spiritual tranquilizer. When you feel annoyed, your mood will get better if you smoke. When you lose your inspiration while writing, you

How to tell the quality of tea from the shape

To identify whether the tea is good or bad can be told from its shape, color, and flavor. Normally, the dried green tea is shown in dark green or emerald. The color of the tea is bright olivine with the

Tea Living Museum in Sunhe – Now Open

The Tea Living Museum has quieted completed in Sunhe. The grand opening ceremony was held on September 28th. The elites in the different industries has gathered in Beijing and celebrated the long planned classic project. The Tea Living Museum is

The Best Ways to Prepare and Drink Dark Teas for Your Health

Traditional way (boiling) Sitting around the oven, drinking the tea and talking about life. It can be such an enjoyment. We recommend to soak the tea for five times before boiling. If you in a city, we recommend to use

Does Pu-er Tea Have Pesticide Residue? You May Be Surprised

Does Pu-er tea has pesticide residue? Will the pesticide residue harm your body? Will you be poisoned if you drink Pu-er tea every day? Before solving this problem, let’s talk about the pesticide residue of tea: it’s sure that tea

Top Ten Famous Teas – Most Widely Consumed Teas in the World

Tea drinking is not just tea ceremony, or tea. The world’s famous teas can have thousands of names, colors, and tastes. In fact, most of them are from China. Different types of tea depend on the collection location, roasting time

Preservation Methods for Maintaining the Freshness of Tea

Non-fermented tea Non-fermented tea includes green tea (such as: Longjin, Biluochun), yellow tea (such as: Junsan Yinyan, Mengding Huangya), white tea (also called slightly fermented tea, such as: Shoumei, Yinzhen Baihao). Non-fermented tea is the tea that easiest to get

5 types of tea that suitable for brewing with cold water

The mid-autumn festival, cake and tea are perfect for the reunions of the family. The egg yolks wrapped with lotus, the intertwined of the sweetness and saltiness. Take a sip of tea, so the extra fat will be swept away.