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Things To Know About Chinese Tea – Evolution of Tea in China

China is the place where tea is originated. It is also the promoter and founder of the tea. The tea drinking habits of many countries are coming from China. They have formed their own tea culture based on the characteristics

New Technology for Brewing Tea Being Developed

Tea culture is the one of the representatives of the Asian culture. Using tea to treat friends is very common in mainland China. Another way to say it: serving guests with hot tea is the right way to take care

You Should Never Drink These 9 Types of Tea!

There are many benefits of tea drinking. But you should know a few things when you drink tea, especially there are a few tea that should not be consumed, which can possibly cause poison. Tea is a beverage, which is

Most Popular Fruit Teas – Great Teas for Summer

Fruit tea has important role for people who cares about their beauty. Because of its nature of low calories, good taste, freshness, and nice appearance, each summer, they will be trendy again! Today, let’s share some fruit teas that you

China Provincial Food and Drug Administration calls for strengthening tea quality and safety regulations

August 6th, journalist received the notification issued by the Provincial Food and Drug Administration, to strengthening the tea quality and safety supervision. The notification emphasizes that the tea manufacturers are required to follow the “Food additives use standards” regulation. The

The Difference Between Ripe and Raw Pu-erh Tea

No matter you are “newbies” that is new to tea or “tea fans” that have drank tea for a long time, for Pu-erh teas, you will always have various confusions at any stage. In order to solve problems you might

Rumors About Tea Drinking – Fake Information on Tea

Rumor one: drinking tea in the night will cause insomnia, therefore, you should not drink tea in the night Not everyone cannot drink tea in the night. There is a group of people: they don’t have high quality of sleeping,

Tea Vocabulary and Vernacular – Improve Your Tea Understanding

Do you remember when you were in school, you need to recite the passengers in the textbook. But do you know why you need to remember these poems? It is helping you praise the beautiful scene that a lonely bird

Shanghai Tea Houses – Recommended Tea Drinking Spots

Wanting to find a quiet place in a hot summer, be free, there is no better place than the tea houses, which are the quiet places in the busy city and hidden. After all, the steamy aroma of tea and

Drinking Tea for Better Health – Choosing the Right Tea

The Chinese tea can be divided into 6 categories: green tea, black tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, and dark tea. The characteristics of 6 categories of the tea are different, thus, they have different effects on people. Therefore,

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