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Possible Medical Purposes for Tea?

Chinese are the earliest people who took advantage of the medical benefits of tea. For centuries, tea has been used to treat many diseases from cancer to constipation. Modern science has given us a great insight into how tea improves

Skin Problems and The Link to Emotions

Everyone has a desire for beauty, especially women, who are particularly concerned about skin care. They are not only interested in skin care methods and products, but even have the courage to try new beauty methods. The skin is an

Daily Diet for Skin Care: Chinese Health Tips

Lotus: Seeps the skin shining Lotus keeps the skin’s beautiful white luster. It is rich in vitamin C and minerals, has great efficacy, and is known for its hemostatic effects. Recently it was also proved to benefit the heart, promote

Skin Care for Various Ages: Tea is Beneficial

For women, pursuing beauty almost seems innate human nature. Both young girls and older ladies want to show their best icons. Skin is the primary factor of beauty, according to Chinese thinking. Good skin is obviously related to genes, but

Looking Young with Facial Massages and Tea

Brigitte Lin, a 60-year-old Chinese lady still has white, bright and clean skin, without many wrinkles, and looks really energetic.   Massage facial skin and remove wrinkles   Despite of some effective anti-wrinkle skin care products, facial skin massage will

Chinese Medicine: Tips for Curing Acne and Pockmark

People often write to us and ask if there are any cures for acne/pockmar. To date we only know of the natural skin benefits such as detoxification and oily cleansing that teas provide. However, we would also like to share

The Importance of Water for Health and Beauty

Many people think that it is complicated to maintain health for women over 30. They are not only spending a large amount of money on beauty care products, but also much energy to take care of the skin. Actually, the

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