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At Weight Loss Teas the privacy of our readers is one of our deepest concerns. We do not sell products directly, and merely link to others that do, taking a commission from sales, impressions and clicks, so it is very rare that we will request or use your personal information. The events in which we do, and the details concerning what we will do with such information once we receive it, is discussed at length below.

The information we collect

It is very rare that we will ask for your personal information, but if we do it is often in the shape of a contact form, when you get in touch with us. In such cases we only collect your details so that we can better understand your question or suggestion, and so that we can respond in a timely manner. The same applies to other forms that you fill in on our website, and by filling in these forms you may also release your whereabouts and/or IP address to us, which is often logged when you submit the form. This information is standard, and it is of no bearing to us, so we are unlikely to pay attention to it and we will certainly not collect it or pass it on to a third-party.

Those registering on our site may be asked for similar details, and so that you can log in those details will be stored on our servers. As of yet, though, there is no such member program on the website.

What we use it for

As mentioned, we do not and will not sell or give away your information to a third party. This means that your name, email address and other information will remain with us and will not be passed on to anybody else. We may use this information to respond to a query and to personalize that response; we may use any information that you give us to help us improve our website, and we may also use it to personalize your experience on the whole.

If we run contests or make this a member’s only website, then we will also use your information in order to improve your security, your experience on our website and even to give you a prize. If you sign up for our newsletter, then your details will be used to send periodic emails about our content and our website in general, but in order for us to do so you need to agree to receive the newsletter in the first place, and you will not be added to this newsletter unless you specifically request it.

How we protect it

Simply put, in most cases we protect your information by not storing it, which means that even if someone somehow gained access to our servers, they would not find your information there. In many cases, as already mentioned, we do not take anything more than a name and an email address, but you can be assured that if we do take and hold onto this information then we will do our upmost to ensure that it is safe and secure.

We do not disclose, sell or trade your information to any third-parties, whether for advertising, marketing or other purposes. As a user of this website you may be subject to Google Adwords and other advertising that targets you and your likes, but in such cases your details and your likes are entirely in the hands of the advertiser and we will not have access to them, nor will we be privy to what sort of ads are displayed to you. We do see collective data based on clicks and impressions, but at no point are we able to see the people behind the clicks and the impressions.


Weight Loss Teas earn money through affiliate websites, which means that we link to other websites and are paid a commission based on the activity of those who click-through. We do not have a stake in these websites, nor do we have any sort of access to them, so our privacy policy no longer applies once you click-through to these sites, and the polices of the individual websites need to be sought out and read.


Upon your first visit to Weight Loss Teas a small text file, known as a “cookie”, will be created on your computer that stores some brief data about yourself and your actions on our website. This is an automatic and safe process that is very common across the internet. It is done purely to increase the performance of our website on your computer. It will know, for instance, which articles you have already read and which ones you haven’t, therefore tailoring your experience of our website to suit you.

As with all of the personal information gathered by this website, the information gathered through the use of cookies will not be sold or traded to any third-party. It is purely an automated process and one that we believe offers an extra level of simplicity and enjoyment for the users of our website.


By reading this privacy policy and by viewing this website you are automatically agreeing to the terms described herein. If you do not agree to these terms, then you may simply close this website.


If we change this policy at anytime then those changes will become active immediately, and by continuing to use our website you are agreeing to those changes. In the event of major changes that effect the readers and users of this website, then we will make every effort to contact them beforehand.

This privacy policy was last modified on: 12/08/2014


If you wish to get in touch with us to discuss this privacy policy, then you can email us at

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