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Things to Know About Pu-er Tea – The Must Know Secrets

Secret 1: there is no most suitable, but more suitable

“Pu-er tea is unlike other food, people that enjoy it often like to purchase themselves.” Analyzing the consumption behaviors of other Pu-er tea lovers and myself, Pu-er tea is indeed something you really want to have, different from the gifts like cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. You have to go to the place to find the Pu-er tea that suits you, rather than make the payment in a rush and put them in the storage. The same batch tea from the same production site are not completely the same. You need to taste and find the one suits you. To the lovers of Pu-er tea drinkers, there is no most suitable Pu-er tea, but the more suitable one.

Secret 2: selecting Pu-er tea, you need to decide after observing the tea and tasting it

The quality of the Pu-er is shown in two aspects, appearance and tastes. First, observe the appearance. The good Pu-er tea should have even color, less stem, less yellow leaves. The raw Pu-er tea’s color should be bright. If the raw tea turns into black, it can be cause by not stored property. Second, you can smell the tea. A good tea should be the flavor itself, and not mixed with odor or moldy. Lastly, you have to taste the tea. When you see a good Pu-er tea, you can ask the Tea Specialist to brew the same tea leaves. Taste the tea, smell the flavor, look at the color of the soup.

Secret 3: Don’t purchase the cheap Pu-er tea

Pu-er tea is getting more and more popular among customers. However, there are some bad behavior and phenomenon in the market, such as using the low-quality tea to replace the good quality tea. Some tea sellers even use the good quality to wrap the low-quality tea inside. A few tea sellers even use the leaves grow in Vietnam as Pu-er tea. Zhou Jian says, normally a Pu-er tea of 357 grams can be sold at over 100 yuan, some even higher at thousand or ten thousand yuan. Currently, the most popular one is sold at the price between 300 to 800 yuan. 20 yuan or other extremely cheap Pu-er tea are not recommended to purchase.

Secret 4: Brewing of Pu-er tea should separate the tea leaves and the soup

Firstly, Pu-er tea need to wash for one or two times, eliminating the dust in the tea leaves, bubbles and warming the cup at the same time. Then, you can start to brew the tea. The raw Pu-er tea should be brewed fast to avoid the smell of cooked soup. Normally, it can be brewed for 12 times. The Pu-er tea is better to brewed with the Nongfu Spring Water. The raw Pu-er tea should be brewed with the water at 100 degree, the ripped Pu-er tea need to be brewed with the boiled water of 100 degree. When brewing the tea, the water should not be poured directly at the tea leaves, but inject the water into the cup from the wall of the cup.

Secret 5: brewing raw Pu-er tea and ripped Pu-er tea should use separate teapots

The first choice for Pu-er tea is the Yixing clay teapot, which have good permeability, and thermal insulation. And the flavor of the tea will not be easily affected by others, which can better present the flavor of the tea. The porcelain Gaiwan is a good choice of brewing the tea cup. Using Gaiwan to brew tea is beneficial when you want to observe the change of the tea. Also, it is easier for the flavor of the tea to stay on the wall of the Gaiwan rather than the glass. Additionally, the ripped and raw Pu-er tea should be brewed separately.

Only the good Pu-er tea will be better after storage. If the quality of the Pu-er tea is not good, no matter how long you store the tea, it won’t change. It is recommended that when you purchase and select the Pu-er tea, you should pay attention to the brand, then the quality.