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Firstly we would like to welcome you to Weight Loss Teas; we hope that you enjoy reading and exploring our website. If you have already used our website, or if you continue to use it, then you are by agreeing to our terms and conditions, which are explained herein. These terms, together with our privacy policy, detail the conditions that govern your use of this website, and by exploring Weight Loss Teas you are agreeing to all of these terms, along with the information listed on our privacy policy.

The term “Weight Loss Teas” and in some cases, “we”, “us” or “our”, refers to the owners of weightlossteas.ca, and to the website contained at that address. “You” and “your” is used to refer to the users of this website.

Those who use the Weight Loss Teas website do so in accordance to the following rules:

  • Cookies: We use cookies throughout our website. The information we extract is automated and used purely to increase the enjoyment of our readers, and to generally improve their experience on our website. At no point will the information stored in cookies be sold or traded to other parties, but by agreeing to these terms and to the use of cookies, you accept that we are able to use the data contained within the files to improve your experience and our website.
  • Content: The content of Weight Loss Teas is subject to change, as is the content of our terms and conditions and of our piracy policy. In the event of a major change then we will try to contact our members in advance, but by continuing to use this website following such changes then you are agreeing to those changes.
  • Copyright: All of the content on Weight Loss Teas is owned exclusively by us, and under no circumstances is this to be copied, altered or republished elsewhere and in any form. We own the rights to all of the work on this website, and will prosecute to the full extent of the law if we discover that any of it has been used elsewhere. This material includes all written and artistic work, it also applies to any logos and to any unique designs and layouts. Reproduction of any of this content, including content that has been modified, is strictly prohibited without the express consent of the owners of Weight Loss Teas.
  • Public Domain: This website may contain images or other content that is not exclusively owned by Weight Loss Teas, in which case it is either used with the permission of the copyright owner, or it has been taken from the public domain. We guarantee that nothing on this website has been used without the strict permission of the person or persons that created it, and in the event that a trademark or copyright is used, permission will be acquired and acknowledgement will be granted.
  • Responsibility: We are an informational website, and at no point do we claim to be medical professionals. Anyone looking to lose weight should always consult a doctor first, making sure their physiology is right before they proceed with any strict diet, supplement or exercise regime. We assume that all users of Weight Loss Teas are adults who understand their body chemistry and their responsibilities better than we do, and we accept no responsibility for any damage as a result of the information that we have provided. We also accept no responsibility for the times when the advice and guidance we give does not result in weight loss, as everybody is different and what works for one person may not work for the next.
  • Cost: The Weight Loss Teas website is free to use and at no point will we ask for any payment, whether for the advice we give or for any subscription service. If at any point we introduce a paid service, or anything that requires money to be exchanged, then we will inform you of the details of such a transaction at the time.
  • Changes: If we change this page at any time then those changes will become active immediately, and by continuing to use our website you are agreeing to those changes. In the event of major changes that effect the readers and users of this website, then we will make every effort to contact them beforehand.
  • Personal Details: Weight Loss Teas may request some minor personal details from you in some circumstances, such as when you are using a contact form, a suggestion box or a newsletter subscription box. In such cases all of your information will be kept secure and private, and will not be passed on to any third parties, in accordance with our privacy policy.
  • Use: As a content-heavy website, there are many articles, reviews and links contained on Weight Loss Teas, and by using them you are doing so at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for the use and/or misuse of anything contained herein. That includes, but it by no means limited to, affiliate links, product reviews and contact details.
  • Endorsements: Weight Loss Teas links to a lot of websites and it offers an honest opinion on many of these sites, but at no point should such opinions be taken as endorsements, and we accept zero responsibility for the content displayed on any of these websites.
  • No Guarantee: Weight Loss Teas do not guarantee the accuracy of any of the statements, or the effectiveness of any of the products contained on this website or on the websites of its affiliates. The information contained on this website is there to help users make an educated and informed decision, and although we try our best to offer helpful and accurate advice in everything that we do, our words should not be taken as gospel. You acknowledge that our information may include errors and inaccuracies, and that no liability will be accepted for any such errors or inaccuracies that result in harm.
  • Unauthorized Use: In the event of unauthorized use of our website we may advance with a claim for damages and/or prosecution. You acknowledge that any such action is subject to the laws of Canada, through which Weight Loss Teas operate.

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